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Since this car ride is hella long and I have nothing else to do and can’t edit posts on my phone, I’ll make my own post about what fandoms and shit I’ve RPed. :V

I played OCs initially, for about my first four years of RP. They were awful and most were wolves.
After that I played Cid Highwind from FFVII, The Fear and The Pain from MGS3, Psycho Mantis from MGS2, Kenny and Cartman from South Park, Nathan and Pickles and Charles and Murderface from Metalocalypse, Scarecrow from Batman, a Commander Shepard from Mass Effect, Greed and Hughes from FMA, Xigbar and Xaldin and Luxord from Kingdom Hearts, aaaand I think that’s it for fandoms.
After that I did a ton more OCs for a while before getting back into fandom stuff where I played Bro Strider from Homestuck and also had a brief stints as Diamonds Droog and Dave Strider before I lost interest.

Now I play OCs again!! Exciting.

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